How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Nigeria

Before we teach you how to become a real estate agent in Nigeria, you must know one thing – there are several thousand other real estate agents out there.

What will set you apart?

Your ability to persuade your clients, your negotiation and several other factors discussed below are what will get you started on your path to become a real estate agent in Lagos, Nigeria.

How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Nigeria

How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Nigeria

While I was relating to real estate investors, buyers, and sellers, I leant a lot and I will be walking you on my experience on how to make money as a real estate agent in Nigeria.

So, as an aspiring agent or an amateur one, how can I become a successful real estate agent in Naija?

  • Know Your Objectives

You should ask yourself why you want to become a real estate agent and if this career path is the one for you.

An honest answer from yourself will give you a sense of re-assurance and direction. Real estate is an art way beyond locating and buying properties, you should also have interest for houses and their architectural details.

  • Receive Training

Next, you should sign up with established real estate companies for proper training. That way, you learn with an already existing company, in a structured environment, along with other real estate agents out there.

Chances are that the company will try to recruit you as their agent if your performance is good. But, if you want to be an independent agent, you still can get training organized by real estate schools or companies.

Some of these trainings are available in Lagos, Nigeria. These schools will successfully walk you on how to become a real estate agent in Lagos Nigeria.

Additionally, they will help improve your communication skills and you will learn how to build a strong network with buyers, sellers, brokers, and real estate companies.

You will also be informed firsthand on latest trends and news in the real estate sector.

  • Reply Instantly to Leads

Responding to leads early via emails, phone calls, text messages, or social media makes you more reliable.

Besides, it opens more doors to more opportunities. So, when you’re contacted, reply as soon as you can. I recommend 20 minutes max.

  • Technology

You would agree with me that we live in an age of high level technological advancement, and leveraging on available tools is one best move.

There are multiple things you can achieve. Create YouTube videos if you have to, own social media accounts, or pay for advertisements if you must.

Do all of these marketing to put yourself out there. Create ads that are aimed at people who require your services. These moves show your clients that you take your job seriously.

  • Move

Do not be too comfortable sitting. Instead, move around, see places. Visit properties and take note of their special selling points.

Is it the location? The serene environment? The building structure? You should be able to move and speak to people.

  • Stay Informed

To become a successful real estate agent, you must know what’s happening in your neighborhood. It is not enough to only know the names of the streets, you should also have a broad knowledge of the best restaurants, best schools around, the kind of people who live there, the location of hospitals, and the best places to shop.

These are some of the questions your clients will have for you when they approach you to buy or rent an apartment or a property, and you want to have answers for them, don’t you?

Additionally, as a professional real estate agent, you should understand the local housing market and pricing strategy. It will also be of advantage if you can carve a niche for yourself in the local real estate market that allows you to distinguish yourself from the competition.

This helps with keeping you focused too.

  • Be Reliable

Listen to what your clients want and discover properties that they want. Some clients are hard-headed and will not settle for less, not minding the price. Knowing they can afford it does not mean the agent should become cunny by hyping the price or doing backdeals.

This makes you untrustworthy, dishonesty, evil minded and selfish. Same applies to their preferences on structures and location.

As a property agent, your reputation is as good as you make it.

  • Pay Attention To Your Clients

When you think your client is about to make a wrong decision, and want to advise them, you should be polite about it.

Never be rude, no matter what. Plus, listen to your clients and have great conversations. It’s wrong to interrupt.

  • Be Professional

Have your professional business card ready so you can give it to potential clients. If you are an independent agent, you should also have an office to work and meet with clients.

It’s all a part of branding and it will help with how seriously you should be considered, and in getting referrals from people too.

  • Care

The last step on how to become a real estate agent in Nigeria is truly caring about your client.

People know others have their best interest at heart when they care for them. The relationship with your clients is professional but also, try to show in little ways and things that you are concerned about their well-being.

A client should not tell you they are sick and you won’t at least make a phone call, send them a message, voice note or visit them.

Having read this guide on how to make money as a real estate agent in Nigeria, we believe you are ready. Leave us a comment below; we’d gladly appreciate that.

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